The Urban Edible Gardening Guidebook

by Chris MacLuckie

Chris MacLuckies’ journey into commercial agriculture began in 1997. Since then he has written a gardening book, volunteered in Guatemala, ran a gardening business, raised and raced sled dogs, tended his livestock, and ridden his horses. As of September 2017 he is on horseback exploring food and farms across North America.

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It is packed full of incredibly useful information and advice without being overwhelming or pretentious. It’s very user friendly and detailed for any level of gardening experience. I really like the way in which the information on each crop is laid out. Very digestible and easy to navigate. I really enjoyed the month by month breakdown of garden work. PS. I LOVE the Farmers’ special tips at the bottom of each plant listing.

Leah Hollingsworth – Toronto, ON

We are what we eat! This book is filled with sound advice and tips to get you started on building, planting, growing and harvesting a sustainable healthy garden plot, no matter how big or small your space is. It’s a must read for anyone who loves to grow.

Bil Smith, Executive Director, C.R. Centre, Renfrew County – Killaloe, ON

This book may not have flashy pictures to capture your eye, but where it lacks in beauty it makes up for it with great information. Before reading this book I never really thought too much about growing sprouts or mushrooms indoors in jars and containers, but it makes it easy and I hope for it to be a mainstay in my home. Great book, highly recommend. You will learn something new every time you open it.

Dave Keall – Aurora, ON

I would not have thought to start a worm composter for my garden without this book, and now have several tools such as pest control, soil amending and composting to help create a bountiful garden. I find myself revisiting chapters again and again while putting MacLuckie’s methods and information into practice in my own garden. A must read for new and experienced gardeners alike!

Ildaco Rutledge – Bancroft, ON




  • 264 pages
  • Black & White
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • US Trade Paper
  • English


  • Hardcover
  • PDF


  • ISBN-10: 1543016294
  • ISBN-13: 978-1543016291

publication date

  • Feb 15 2017


  • Gardening / Vegetables

Your One Stop Guide to
Growing Food in Small Spaces

This book is a comprehensive guide covering all the components of urban agriculture. It was written as an easy to follow text ideal for the school, class or outdoor learning environment.

It provides extensive tested practical information on:
* Urban edible gardens set ups of all size ranges
* Comparisons of all types of urban edible gardens
* Monthly maintenance schedules
* Over 100 detailed plant descriptions
* Container and raised bed options
* Inexpensive season extension tips
* Most importantly: How to make healthy soil and plant the right way to prevent most garden problems from ever happening!

This Guidebook was written:
* As a complete template for courses in organic urban agriculture
* For beginners to learn how to consistently grow nutritionally high quality food in any space available
* With an emphasis on small spaces (5 sq ft) to mid size (4500 sq ft 1/10 acre) urban gardens.